Visualizing Uncertainty

Lecture 14

Dr. Greg Chism

University of Arizona
INFO 526 - Spring 2024

Warm up


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# load packages
library(countdown) # countdown in slides
library(tidyverse) # data wrangling & viz
library(lubridate) # dealing with dates
library(mgcv)      # estimate penalized Generalized linear models
library(colorspace)# color scales
library(broom)     # turn model outputs to tibbles
library(emmeans)   # estimate marginal means (least-squares)
library(ungeviz)   # vizualize uncertainty
library(ggridges)  # ridgeline plots
library(tidybayes) # tidy bayesian functions
library(dviz.supp) # supplementary materials for C. Wilke's data viz book
library(ggpubr)    # publication ready plots
library(ggtext)    # format ggplot text
library(extrafont) # fonts
library(ggstance)  # horiz flipped stats, geoms; vert flipped positions
library(gganimate) # animated ggplots
library(emo)       # emojis

# set theme for ggplot2
ggplot2::theme_set(ggplot2::theme_minimal(base_size = 14, base_family = "Myriad Pro"))

# set width of code output
options(width = 65)

# set figure parameters for knitr
  fig.width = 7, # 7" width
  fig.asp = 0.618, # the golden ratio
  fig.retina = 3, # dpi multiplier for displaying HTML output on retina
  fig.align = "center", # center align figures
  dpi = 300 # higher dpi, sharper image

loadfonts(device = "all")



Image by Wikimedia user Jahobr, released into the public domain.

[Sorry, you lost.] 🙂

[How does that make you feel?]

We are bad at judging uncertainty

  • You had a 10% chance of losing
  • One in ten playing this game will lost
  • 90% chance of winning is nowhere near a certain win

Uncertainty in probability

Probability distributions

Whats the probability that the blue party wins the election?

Probability distributions

Uncertainty of point estimates

Uncertainty of point estimates

Uncertainty of point estimates

Error bars

Whenever you visualize uncertainty with error bars, you must specify what quantity and/or confidence level the error bars represent.

Sample size and standard error

Confidence intervals widen with smaller sample size.

Mean chocolate flavor rating

Approaches to visualizing uncertainty

Which approach is best? Why?

Advantages of error bars

Confidence intervals

Bayesian statistics

Uncertainty of curve fits

Non-linear outcomes

Hypothetical outcome plot