Project 1 Student Examples

The assignment for Project 1 can be found here.

Below are projects the teams produced.

Analyzing Trends in the House of Representatives by The Power of the Voters

Explore how U.S. House of Representatives voting changes over time

Exploring Patterns and Associations in UFO Sightings Data by Fight Club

Geographical representation of world sightings

Seasonally separated sightings over time

Delves into UFO sightings across the world

Childcare Cost Analysis by InsightSquad

Family poverty (%) vs unemployment rate

Individual poverty vs unemployment rate

Highlight trends in Hot Ones sauce Scoville scores and contentant failure rates, and the occurrence of repeated sauces.

Game Metrics by Wacky Wednesday

Correlation between goals at half-time vs full-time

English football game penalties

Decoding Premier League Outcomes Through Visual Analysis and Data Exploration

A Data-Driven Investigation into Global UFO Sightings by Plot Crafters

Heatmap of global UFO sightings

UFO sightings throughout the day

Explore trends in UFO sightings both spatially (across the globe) and temporally (through years and time of day).

Diwali Sales Trend Analysis by Diwali Dhamaka

Total count of sales type by sex

Spending trends by age group and sex

Explore trends in spending during Diwali, the Indian festival of lights.

Big Tech Stock Prices by Crimson

Stock price trends over time

Gain days of companies each year

Comprehend the patterns in the stock prices of major tech companies over a 10-year period

Insights and Visualizations for Climate Understanding byThe Graph Crafters

Yearly Temperature Deviations by Latitudinal Range

Hemispherical temperature anomalies by season

Exploring global surface temperature anomalies

Global Refugee Trends and Correlations byDatatude Dynamos

Expeditious growth of the refugee population over time

Refugee populations over time with US political context

Analyzing the Effects of External Circumstances on Refugee Movements Between 2010 and 2022.

Psychometric Analysis of TV Shows byByte Coders

Count of characters with Myers-Briggs personality types

Game of Thrones Myers-Briggs personality types

Analyzing the Effects of External Circumstances on Refugee Movements Between 2010 and 2022.