Project 1 Student Examples

The assignment for Project 1 can be found here.

Below are projects the teams produced.

Unraveling Tornado Trends by Aes-thetics-Squad

Tornado mortality over time.

Explore how the magnitude and fatality numbers of tornadoes has changed in the U.S. over time.

USA Weather Forecast Accuracy Analysis by ggplotGurus

Weather prediction error in major cities

Delves into the degree in which weather predictions are incorrect in the U.S.

From Mild to Wild by ScatterPlot-Sorcerers

Occurrences of Repeated Sauces

Highlight trends in Hot Ones sauce Scoville scores and contentant failure rates, and the occurrence of repeated sauces.

Alien Encounters by DataInk Drinkers

Sighting UFOs at distinct day-parts

Explore trends in UFO sightings both spatially (across the globe) and temporally (through years and time of day).

Paws Nā€™ Patterns šŸ¾ by R-tisans of Visual

How good are loner cats at hunting (by sex)

Explore how house cat solitary lifestyle, sex, and reproductive status influences hunting patterns.

Forests in Transition: Visualizing Global Deforestation by The Plotting Pandas

Net Forest Conversion by Country in 2010

Explore trends in global deforestation, such as soy bean agriculture in Brazil.